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Tuesday Tip - Minimize Distractions

Welcome to Tuesday Tips - a weekly blog post for busy writers!

Today we are talking about minimizing distractions. Shut out those things that get you off course and interrupt your writing productivity. Let's face it, many of us write because we have so much going on in our heads. It's both a gift and a curse, because the very traits that make us creative - "I have an idea!" are also the things that allow our focus to be disrupted. "Oh, look, A pretty flower!"

How can the author minimize distractions?

First - Technology! It's such an amazing tool and so very helpful for writers. And yet, all those tabs and windows that are open for research and collaboration can take the writer down a rabbit hole that may be informative, but very time wasting. When it's time to write, close the extra tabs and write. If a research questions pops into your creative head, jot it down and save it for scheduled "research hours."

Second - Silence your cell phone!

Third - If you have a tendency to note the color of the birds singing outside your work window, the change in the weather, or your neighbor's yardwork, draw the curtains closed or find a better writing office. Literally, close your windows.

Fourth - Set a timer and stay in your creative seat!

Lastly - Honor your writing time. The flexibility of working from home is difficult to balance. Volunteer opportunities abound when others realize you are "available," or not away from home. Commit to yourself to make writing a priority. You can still volunteer, collaborate, and research, but putting words together for others to read is your goal.

What do you think about this #tuesdaytip? Was it helpful? Feel free to leave a comment, and as always ...

Happy Writing!

If you have a #writingtip that works for you, I would like to hear about it!

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