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I'm Very Reverent

My humans don’t nap much, but when they decide to sleep, they make a big deal out of it. They perform several rituals before climbing into their sleeping place. The fact that they have only one special sleeping place confuses me. I, on the other paw, sleep in various places depending on the time of day and I do it without fanfare. I just sleep whenever and wherever I wish.

I always know when they are preparing for bed as they begin moving around and darkening the downstairs. When they finally turn to ascend the stairs, I join them. My athleticism carries me up the stairs much quicker than they. I don’t know why they are so slow.

Several activities occur in the room they use for grooming. I perch upon the sink to assist them and then grab a cool drink before bed. 

Eventually they move to their sleeping place where they spend a few minutes in conversation while kneeling on the floor and resting against the sleeping place. I’ve watched them closely and I have learned how to fold my arms while they engage in this quiet conversation. I close my eyes just as they close theirs. I lay very still until they have finished. When they move, I move. 

As I have had many hours of sleep throughout the day, I wander the house for a time seeking monsters, insects, and things I can shove off surfaces. When I am tired of these activities, I slink stealthily back to the sleeping place. I give a nod to my bed in the corner of the room and then ever so gracefully I leap upon the humans’ sleeping place and creep as close to my humans as possible without disturbing their slumber. I feel it my catly duty to keep them safe and warm until I’m ready for breakfast. That’s when my reverent attitude expires. 

I nudge and paw at my human. If that doesn’t get her attention, I leap up and down from floor to sleeping place. As a last resort, I meow ever so softly close to her face - repeatedly. I’m hungry. It’s time to feed me!

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