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The Frightful Outdoors

I don’t know when my aversion to the open air began. As you may recall, I was a feral kitten, or as I prefer to say, I lived in my natural habitat. I was unencumbered by walls and relationships. Somewhere between then and now, my world changed.

Perhaps it was the time I broke away from my new confines, so stealthily that my human didn’t know I was gone. I was off on an adventure, the events of which I will keep private at this time. I assumed she would call for me or come looking, but there were two young humans visiting who were receiving the bulk of my human’s attention. I will admit I had a twinge of feline jealousy. After all, this was my domain!

Anyhoo, I called for her in the middle of the night, but nobody came. Finally, the physical exertion of my adventure overcame me and I found a soft place to doze off. When I awoke the next morning, the humans had departed on an adventure of their own. I felt more catty still!

When they returned late into the evening I came strutting back into their lives. They were overcome with delight and treated me like a princess.

After having “lost” me overnight, my human was reluctant to let me go out of doors for a time. I became accustomed to the comforts of my domain. I had soft spaces to nap, food and water, high surfaces to which I could catapult, and an intriguing flight of stairs that offered an opportunity to challenge my athleticism. This became my new normal - and I liked it!

So long had it been since I was allowed to venture outside that the great unknown began to intimidate me. When my human insisted I take some fresh air I cautiously crept through the doorway and quickly darted back inside. When she (my human) would physically remove me, I trembled and cried until she let me return. It didn’t take long. My human is easily coerced.

Occasionally, I would hide just long enough to cause her concern. At other times I would leap to the kitchen windowsill and stare, wide eyed until she let me enter.

I like my space. It’s comfortable. All my needs are met, except for my need to get those birds that I watch intently through the windows. I need to get those birds. Alas, to do so I would also need to go outside, and I prefer not to go outside. I’m not ready to do something different to get those birds, so I will watch and wish and sit comfortably where I always sit, receiving exactly what I always receive.

What about you? Are you willing to do something different to get what you desire?

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