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Purrfectly Persistent

My human is very determined. It appears she wishes to control my domain, or the exact parameters of my domain. What my human does not realize is that my determination can outmatch hers any day.

There is a cozy room in my home that is seldom in use. It seems to be reserved for additional humans that invade my territory on occasion. My human is diligent in keeping the door closed and the area off limits to me. I think that is a waste of good space. The room is quiet, and the bed is perfect for grooming and napping.

Fortunately for me, the door to this room is secured by a door lever rather than a round knob. The lever is just paw-tip height if I stretch myself to my full length. Exercising patience and enough persistence, I have developed the skill of opening this door. It doesn’t make my human happy.

I don’t understand her displeasure. I should think my acceptance and approval of the room would please her visitors as they witness a few strands of my sleek fur waiting to greet them. Who might be more discriminating about comfort than a feline?

My home was recently overrun by female humans. They were tucked away in all my corners and even in some I have not yet had the pleasure of claiming for my own. I felt the need to establish my position as ruler of the domain, so in the cover of night when the humans were unaware of the goings on of stealthy cats, I used my new skill to enter the room with the levered latch.

Once inside the room I quietly leapt to the foot of the bed. What a ruckus a startled human can make! Two startled humans create a cacophony! One might presume there was real danger about or that as one of the humans declared, the stuffing truly had been scared out of them. By morning, things had settled down and my human remained unaware of my nighttime antics.

My human is still attempting to keep me out of said room, but when I desire, I go there anyway.

Click here to see a video of Marge opening the door.

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