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The Games We Play

It soon became apparent that my human had not had a feline in the house in some time. There were so many small objects to interest me - pens, a small bowl full of colorful rocks, a small plant soaking in a jar of water, and marbles. Oh, those marbles!

About the plant. My human isn’t very smart, or perhaps she thinks it's fun to do the same thing repeatedly and expect different results. I would grab the plant with my dainty claws, lift it from its container, and fling it onto the floor. My human would eventually discover the plant, its roots shriveling in the dry air, and replace it in the jar of water. I would then await another opportunity to stealthily fling it to the floor where it lay until my human returned it to its container - again. Repeat.

Pens, rocks, cough drops and paperclips make for great solo entertainment when they are resting on a table or countertop. A couple soft nudges with my paw and they clatter to the floor. - a noisy floor at that!

The marbles, tho, they are my favorite. Hardwood floors and stairs offer irresistible speed and sound effects. A cat cannot ignore an object clattering across a hard surface, not matter the time of day … or night.

I wondered … might I be able to engage my human in a little repetitive marble fun?

I began by nonchalantly batting a marble around the floor, listening to its clickety clickety click along the floor. I then picked it up and carried it in my mouth to the sofa. I played with it a moment before gazing wide eyed at my human. At first, she ignored me, but I was persistent with my pleading gaze.

It worked. My human picked up the marble and tossed it across the floor. I leapt from the sofa and arrived at the far end of the room almost before the marble did. I caught it in my mouth and returned it to the sofa. More batting and gazing ensued. She relented and tossed it once again across the noisy floor.

Marble fetch. That’s what we call it. When I get tired or bored, I stash the marble in the folds of the sofa cushions until the next time my human wants to play.

Occasionally, I must play this game on my own when my human is absent ... or sleeping. At those times I simply carry my marble to the top of the stairs and give it a gentle nudge, then race it down. Clattery, clattery, clatter. Up and down I go!

My human is not so enthusiastic about the solo version, nor is she excited when I bring the marble to her bed. For some reason, she only enjoys Marble Fetch from the living room sofa.

I wonder why?

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