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The Adoption

The day came when the Gusher scooped me up and lodged me in a small windowed bag. Although I was intrigued and hopeful, I knew I must remain aloof and disinterested. You see, at times the scooped up critters would leave and then return the same day, obviously dejected. I huddled in a corner of the bag and tended to my hygiene.

I soon found myself in a large cage in a brightly lit room with what seemed like myriads of gushers glancing as they passed. A pair of very young, very fuzzy pale girls attracted the most oohs and ahhs. I employed my best “I don’t care” attitude and pretended not to notice the attention the youngsters were receiving.

Eventually the Gusher came by making silly noises as she reached into the cage that confined me. Again, she scooped me up, this time hawling me in her arms along a hallway while a nervous looking couple followed. I narrowed my eyes and peered at them. They seemed to be sharing confused glances.I knew what they were thinking. “This one is old. Where is the kitten we were expecting? Is this effervescent woman for real?” This last observation gave me a bit of reassurance. Perhaps we had something in common, but I was not going to let on that there was any possibility we might become friends.

As we entered a small room, just the four of us, I employed my most skeptical gaze - ears back, eyes narrowed to slits. At the first opportunity, I escaped the Gusher’s grasp, lept to the floor and quickly hid myself behind a desk in the tiny room.

“Oh, Crystal,” again with the name, “do come here. These nice people want to meet you!”

How did she know they were nice and why did they want to meet me? They were exchanging skeptical gazes of their own as the Gusher somehow maneuvered beneath the desk and scooped me into her arms once again. I stiffened as she suggested we, the couple and me, have a few minutes to ourselves. She dropped me into the nervous hands of the woman and made a swift bustling exit.

I grew my pupils wide with fear and struggled to release myself from the woman's arms. She attempted to make cooing noises similar to those the Gusher used on me, but they seemed somehow foreign to her. Presently, she offered me to the man who was equally as awkward. They made uncomfortable human conversation that I interpreted to mean they were disappointed and unsure whether to take me home or disappoint the Gusher.

I was surprised and apprehensive when the Gusher burst back in with paperwork and a blanket in hand. She swiftly closed the deal and shooed us out the door before the couple could reconsider their commitment. I was on my way to parts unknown. I had been adopted.

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