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I'm Very Helpful

I don’t think my human appreciates my talents. When I try to help, she pushes me away.

My human is a writer and spends a lot of time working on her computer. I often attempt to read the screen and do a little editing, but she pushes me away. When I persist, she growls at me and eventually locks me in my room. I know I could help - if she would let me.

She recently had a picture that was broken into so many pieces! I tried to assist. She squirted me with water! How rude! She knows I don’t like water. I was only trying to help.

I thought, perhaps, I could be of service when she was sleeping, but she must have known what I was thinking because she covered up the picture and locked it down. Those broken pieces are just my size. I could help!

She worked hard to put the picture back together. Too hard. I didn't get any lap time for two days. I persisted in my efforts to aid in the repair. She locked me away again!

After refusing my assistance, she accused me of stealing a broken piece when she wasn’t looking. What? I’m a good cat and I don’t enjoy getting sprayed with water! Why would I take a broken piece of picture without asking first? Okay, well maybe I would - but I DIDN’T - not THIS time! I could have told her it was still in the package, if only she had accepted - you know, my help!

I’ve discovered that my best service is successful when she isn’t paying attention. I’m really good at keeping her feet warm when she is sleeping. Still, I don’t think she appreciates how good I am at preventing her from tossing and turning. She sometimes kicks me off her bed. She has a lot to learn about professional napping. I could teach her a lot.

I could help.

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