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Tuesday Tip - Collaborate to Encourage

Welcome to Tuesday Tips - a weekly blog post for busy writers!

Last week we discussed beating writer's block. Today we are talking about ways to collaborate with other creative people to keep emotional momentum that is critical to productivity.

Why should the author collaborate with other writers and artists?

First – YOU are not in competition with every writer out there. In fact, other writers can be your greatest allies. We are all unique, therefore, our writing is unique. Writers will present the same topic in as many different ways as there are writers. Fortunately, readers are the same. What speaks to one reader may not resonate the same with another. Therefore, there are opportunities for all writers to find their audience.

Second – Recognize that your questions, your insecurities, and your disappointments are not unique. We've all had a piece of work rejected or reread something that seemed brilliant when we first penned it only to decide it was junk. You can offer and receive empathy AND encouragement to and from other writers.

Third – How can you find other writers with whom to collaborate? Attend a local book signing and introduce yourself to the author after his or her presentation. Don't forget to buy the book. Reach out after the event and leave a review when you have finished reading the book. Search the internet for local writer's groups and bravely ask to join. If you can't find a group, create one of your own and invite members from your social media contacts. There are writers who haven't yet shared their work. They need a little encouragement for those of us who have.

Fourth - Share things you have learned (like these Tuesday Tips) that will help others and they will surely reciprocate.

Lastly - Don't be afraid to share your work, because it's really only akin to flaying your chest and letting people look inside!

What do you think about this #tuesdaytip? Was it helpful? Feel free to leave a comment, and as always ...

Happy Writing!

If you have a #writingtip that works for you, I would like to hear about it!

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