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The Something

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I’m going to venture away from my autobiography today, mostly because I am a cat and predictability is something to be avoided by cats. How else might we control our people?

My people recently decided to bring something new into my world. No, it wasn’t another cat, thank my lucky stars! More on that in a future Moment with Marge. This “Something” was disturbing to me, mostly because it was different. I did not quite know what to make of it. Was it friend or foe? Was it a monster?

Unlike some of the things that I welcome into my space, such as a box with room just for me, this Something moved on its own. I was quite certain it was a monster!

The Something arrived on the front step in a box. For this, I was ecstatic. However, I soon became leery as my people returned it to the area of the front step where it appeared to stand guard. When it began to move and sway, I turned tail and ran!

I don’t know if this sentry was keeping strangers away, or if it was meant to keep me inside. Either way, it seemed effective. I daren’t go near my food nor my commode. I stayed as far from the Something as possible. I was hungry and uncomfortable, but I found refuge in the far reaches of my People’s bedroom closet where it was dark and safe. I waited all day, hoping for some indication that the Something was gone. It wasn’t.

Late into the evening, still miserable from hunger and my bursting bladder, I overheard my people exclaiming, “Oh, it looks so good!” (That observation should be saved for me.)

“I’ve always wanted one of those.” (Really? To guard your door from dangerous cats?)

“Don’t forget to bring it indoors.” (It was coming inside!)

Eventually, the girl of my people noticed I was missing and began the hunt. She should know by now how to find me. Just look in the last place first. When she discovered my whereabouts, she scooped me into her arms and carried me, clawing, near the Something. I widened my eyes and climbed onto her shoulders, a move for which I was scolded. She was quite mistaken if she thought I was going to go anywhere near that monster!

I leapt from her back and scrambled, claws slipping on the slick floor and tail puffed, to the farthest corner I could find. I crouched - cat like. I sniffed the air. I waited.

Finally, she understood. If I was going to eat and take care of my daily necessities, my people must control that Red, White, and Blue Something and remove it from my view.

Which, of course, they did. After all, we all know the cat of the house is the boss of the house!

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