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Copy of Louisa: A Time to Heal signed by the author. 


This historical novel is set in Europe during the Crimean War. Louisa: A Time to Heal, will take you on an emotional journey across several countries. Louisa, a newlywed, finds herself in a time of war and determines to make a difference by joining Florence Nightingale in Scutari, Turkey. Her journey proves both physical and emotional as she learns the time to heal is hers as well as those for whom she has influence …

Mary Elizabeth, a timid nun …

James Calhoun, a skeptic Scot …

Catherine, her emotional mother.

Get to know these complex and loveable characters as they overcome trials and find their way home.

Signed copy of Louisa: A Time to Heal

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Historical Fiction. 353 Pages. Published December 2019.

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